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07/03/2024 Invoices API functionality extended

We are happy to announce that the Copaco Cloud invoices API has been extended with additional invoice details to support more complex billing scenarios. The features below will be deployed to production gradually in the upcoming week.

New “SubscriptionDetails“ field

For some specific offers, Copaco is printing more details about subscription attributes on the invoice, like the amount of disk space, CPU resources, and memory. However, we have not yet exposed these details in the Invoice API endpoints.

In this release, we have added a new property “SubscriptionDetails” to the invoice API endpoint results.

"SubscriptionDetails": [
		"Attribute": "",
		"AttributeValue": "",
		"AttributeDescription": "",

We will pass all available formdata/subscription configuration details as Attributes for a limited set of offers.

We will also add a field called "noshow" inside the subscription details to identify which attributes are printed on Copaco’s PDF invoice, and which are not. The API consumer can then decide whether to follow our PDF invoice structure or print more details if he chooses to do so.

New “InvoiceRowHash“ field added

We have received requests from partners that are looking for a solution to compare reseller invoice price lines, and customer-specification price lines with each other, to get insights into the cost and sales prices on the invoice line item level.

Copaco currently exposes the Reseller invoices and Customer specification APIs separately, but there is no shared/unique line item identifier to match the two together.

In the scope of this feature release, we added a new field in the Priceline-level API response called “InvoiceRowHash“. This value will be a unique line reference number that will be the same on both the Reseller invoice document and the customer-specification line. You can use this value to compare the API responses and match the line items together.

New (optional) parameter “showDetail“

We would like to give API consumers more control over the level of detail they receive in the invoice dataset. In the previous invoices API release, you received one single line of consolidated corrections, just like how Copaco prints invoice lines on our PDF invoice. However, some resellers requested us to split these lines for every individual change detail.

In this release, we introduce a new (optional) API parameter “showDetail“ that you can pass in the request headers. If this value is added as “true“, we will return the extended non-summarized API result for the correction line. If this value is not passed, or passed with “false“ we continue to return the summarized dataset with one correction line, just like you are used to.

Sort by Invoice date

We have adjusted the partner portal UI to show the invoice creation date, and sort by this date (new invoice on top). This will make it easier for a partner to get the latest invoices.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in this release.

  • We switched the StartDate/EndDate on the PriceLine with StartDate/ExpirationDate on the subscription level to support multiple price lines on a single subscription. These were returned invalid in the previous API release.

  • We fixed an issue in the Customer-Specifications endpoint that sometimes did not return all invoice data due to invalid grouping on the Vendor Invoice Number, instead of Copaco’s invoice number.

  • We fixed an issue in the Customer-Invoice API endpoint that did not return any invoices in case the end customer did not have “Billing Contact information“ filled in the cloud platform (an optional contact type). We have implemented new logic to generate invoice data based on the Primary contact in case the billing contact information is unavailable.

  • We fixed an issue in the Partner Portal UI where customer-invoices were shown with dead download URLs if the feature was not activated for a reseller. Now we display a message to contact your account manager to enable this new feature if not all required invoice data is available.

  • We fixed an issue in the new “Customer Invoices“ functionality, where some partners failed to download PDF invoice copies from our Partner Portal.

  • We fixed an issue where the “CustomerNumber“ field was not properly returned in the API response because the field was empty/not synchronized with Copaco's ERP Invoicing system. We have now adjusted the sync logic to let the field update automatically once every 24 hours.

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