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09/02/2024 Invoice API Extension with "ChargeType"

We are adding a new field in the Invoice Copaco Cloud Invoice API endpoints called “ChargeType“ on PriceLine level. This charge type provides some more context on the reason for the invoice line item.

You can expect the following charge types to be returned:

  • Purchase Fee - Initial cycle fee after purchase.

  • Cycle Fee - Fee during new cycle (monthly/annual).

  • Correction - Fee that includes pro-rated charges / cancel fees / discounts / refunds.

  • Usage Fee - Consumption-based charges.

  • One Time Fee - Fee for One Time subscriptions.

  • Item Fee - Charge type used for license-based subscriptions that are not Prepay (same as Cycle Fee, but for prepaid License Based subscriptions).

Example of new <Pricelines> element with added field

                                "ConsumerCompanyName": "",
                                "ConsumerCompanyNumber": "",
                                "Description": "",
                                "Discount": ,
                                "Duration": "",
                                "DurationType": "",
                                "BillingFrequency": "",
                                "EndDate": "",
                                "ExtendedPrice": ,
                                "LineId": ,
                                "Quantity": ,
                                "QuantityType": "",
                                "RatePeriodID": ,
                                "SKU": "",
                                "StartDate": "",
                                "SubPONumber": ,
                                "TaxPercentage": ,
                                "TaxZoneID": "",
                                "UID": "",
                                "UnitPrice": ,
                                "VAT": ,
NEW	(CD-762)				    "ChargeType": ""
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