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13/02/2024 Invoices API extended

We are happy to announce that the Copaco Cloud API has been extended with functionality to retrieve the full Customer Invoice dataset, ready to be processed by your invoicing team. This optional functionality is only available on request starting the invoice run of February.

For more details, see this article.

New API Endpoint - Customer-Invoices

We have released a new Customer-Invoices API endpoint that can be used in the same way as the Invoice endpoint to retrieve your Partner invoices. The API response structure is similar to the Partner Invoice response but contains the customer account information and prices as set up in the Copaco Cloud Platform.

More details on this new API endpoint can be found in this article.

New options in the Partner Portal for Customer-Invoice Mailing

Within the Copaco Cloud Partner Portal, the Invoices menu has been extended to include a feature to directly utilize the new Customer-Invoices API endpoint and generate a Microsoft Excel MailMerge sheet with invoice links. In combination with Microsoft Word’s MailMerge functionality, you can use this Excel sheet to directly notify your customers about the new invoices and allow your customer to download their personal PDF invoice document.

With this new tool built-in, you can send out customer invoices using only Microsoft Excel and without external bookkeeping or invoicing software. This reduces the administrative effort for the Cloud Partners that do not want to invest in a full API link with their administrative tools.

More details on using this new Excel sheet generation tool can be found here.
An instruction on the Microsoft Office Mailmerge functionality can be found here.

New “VendorDetails“ field added

In this release, we extended the Priceline in all Invoice API endpoints with a new field called “VendorDetails“. Within this field, an external vendor offering the subscription is allowed to print more details related to the invoice line charge. The field is returned in string format and is limited to a maximum of 120 characters.

InterNetX is the first vendor to support this new feature to print information related to the actual domain name, action, and period that is being charged.

Invoice consolidation on Copaco’s consolidated invoice number

Starting with this release, the Invoices API endpoint is grouping all invoice lines based on Copaco’s consolidated Invoice Number in the API response, similar to the way how you receive your PDF invoice.

In the previous API release, the Invoice API response was grouping lines on one or more Vendor Invoice IDs, which did not align with Copaco’s PDF invoice consolidation.

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