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13/02/2024 Product Update - Copaco VMware Cloud

We released a new version of the Copaco VMware Cloud integration with the Cloud Platform.

Friendly Datacenter Name

In this release, we added a new feature that allows a customer to specify a friendly virtual data center name. This virtual data center name of your choice will be displayed in the Cloud Director portal under your organization account. For customers managing multiple virtual data center subscriptions, this will make it easier to distinguish the VDCs. Previously, it always used a GUID ID as the name.

Existing customers will be able to change the VDC name after the next subscription renewal by placing a change order with the new friendly name.

We have also included some internal fixes

  • To provide better order feedback in case of provisioning failure for common scenario‚Äôs.

  • Fixes of reported issues by our partners that prevented change orders from completing succesfully.

  • We made it easier for our support team to locate the subscriptions in the Cloud Director environment by adding the reseller and customer name in the VDC description.

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