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13/02/2024 Subscriptions API extended with inactive statuses

We are happy to announce that we have extended our early-release Customer-Subscriptions API with subscriptions in a non-active status. Previously, the API endpoint would only return active subscriptions.

Based on your feedback we now have included subscriptions in all statuses. In the previous version of this API, we would only return subscriptions in an Active state.

Expected statuses:

  • NotProvisioned

    • The Subscription is still in a provisioning status. Subscriptions in this status return a limited number of additional details because the setup is not finished yet. Subscriptions in this status are not invoiced yet.

  • Active

    • The subscription is provisioned successfully and is active. It is delivered to the customer and all fields available will now be presented in the API results. Subscriptions in this status are invoiced.

  • Suspended

    • The subscription was canceled or expired (not renewed) and is marked for deletion. Depending on the vendor logic the service might be immediately removed or might be in a temporary grace state that allows recovery. Subscriptions in this status are not invoiced anymore but are still visible in the platform UI.

  • Deleted

    • Subscriptions in deleted state are permanently deactivated and the service has been removed. Reactivation is not possible anymore. Financial data has been wiped from our system and is not returned anymore in the API results.

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