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14/02/2024 Product Update - InterNetX AutoDNS

We are happy to announce that we improved the InterNetX platform integration with new functionality.

In the scope of this release, we implemented:

  • Reseller Account Level

    • Allow our partners to sign up for an exclusive “InternetX AutoDNS Reseller” offer that grants access to a reseller-level AutoDNS account to purchase services for their own use, and also to manage all domains/DNS/certificates services of customers from a single interface.

    • Allow impersonation to a customer user level to see everything from a customer perspective without knowing the customer credentials.

    • Allow viewing and managing of child account(customer) objects like domains and DNS zones directly from a single interface.

    • Allow moving of objects(domains/Zones/contacts) between accounts that you have permission to.

    • We have also added the option for partners that already signed up for the customer AutoDNS offer to upgrade to the new reseller offer.

  • Validation on cancelation

    • During the current InterNetX cancelation flow, all domains/certificates are automatically removed when a customer submits a cancellation order. As requested by some partners we are adding a validation step by asking the reseller for cancelation approval because some customers did not realize that canceling their InterNetX subscription would result in the termination of their domain names.

    • In the scope of this release, we added a manual validation step with a notification email to the reseller's primary contact if there are active domain names on an InterNetX account that is being terminated. The reseller will receive a notification email informing them which domains are still active that will be removed. Only after approval from the reseller, the cancelation order will continue and complete.

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