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29/02/2024 Copaco Cloud Platform Release 162

Business locations

If you operate internationally, our new "business locations" will help you map your expenses to regional cost centers or corporate entities more directly and easily. Here's how:

  1. Create a distinct business location per each country you operate in.

  2. Map your partners and customers to your regional locations

  3. Split or process your invoices by business location

Once set up, you will find business location included in the invoice details. You can use it to simplify further automation such as integration with ERP and tax calculation.

New NCE reports

We are launching a set of new reports for all-things-NCE. The new report will replace the current NCE migration report and will include the following:

  • Migrations (improved) - customers, subscriptions, target offers and more

  • Promotions (new) - offers, dates, discounts, constraints, customer eligibility

Look for "NCE reports" in the Reports section.

Offer configuration form design

When creating a price plan, vendors can now add formatting (B, I, U) and hyperlink to the label of any field. You can also use the same formatting options, plus bulleted and numbered lists, when adding a "Label" type element to the form.

Added more ways to validate required text fields in the configuration form. Now validation options include:

  • Custom regex (new)

  • Min character count

  • Max character count

Fixes and tweaks

Fixed an issue when customers couldn't update existing subscriptions to an offer that is no longer available for their industry after changes from a vendor.

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