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31/01/2024 Product Update - InterNetX AutoDNS

We are happy to announce that we improved the InterNetX platform integration with new functionality.

In the scope of this release, we implemented:

  • Username Alias support

    • Allow a customer (or partner) to not only login with a hard-to-remember GUID username, but with a friendly username/email that he chooses. You can now choose to set an Alias username during the initial purchase or in a change order flow.

    • Existing customers get access to this new feature after the next subscription renewal moment, and can activate the Alias feature in the change subscription page.

  • White-labeled AutoDNS platform for Copaco Cloud

    • A Copaco Cloud Branded AutoDNS platform on URL is now live. With the introduction of a branded URL and user management capabilities, we gain new functionality that allows us to further improve the integration and release new Reseller functionality shortly.

  • VendorDetails in the InterNetX invoice specification

    • We process the InterNetX usage invoice data via the Cloud Platform but currently do not provide line detailed specifications to explain what exactly the partner/customer is paying for. In the scope of the InternetX v2 integration, we extended the integration with “VendorDetails” (a new functionality released by our cloud platform supplier). In this Vendor Details field, we provide the type of charge, product, and actual object name and period. (renewal of domain NL ( for 1 year)

    • Vendor Details are available in the Cloud Platform invoice data starting January 2024. We aim to also extend the PDF invoice and Invoice API results with this new field in February 2024.

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