1. Click Classic panel in upper right corner

  2. Go to the Billing section again top right corner

  3. Click Service Plans and search for Microsoft Azure Plan

  4. Copy the specific service plan ID (this is different per partner)

  5. Go back to the new Customer CP panel top right corner.

  6. Click on Price Management and Show Search

  7. Find your Microsoft Azure Plan

8. The overview shows you the current margin set. Now you need to divide this 9% between you as partner and your end customers. (This also affects end customer invoicing)

9. We advise you to follow given settings below. You see 3 options, they mean:

  • 1. When there is no admin relationship between Copaco <> End customer set there is 0% margin. This is Microsoft policy which means there always need to be a Copaco admin access to the Microsoft Azure tenants. Otherwise Microsoft won’t give any discount.

  • 2. When there is an admin relationship, which is set standard when you provision an Azure Plan, there will be 9% margin. You may choose if you want to divide this 9% between you and end customers.

  • 3. In case it is unclear for Microsoft if there is an admin relationship the margin will be 0%.

In conclusion, the margin settings below is exactly the same as it was with Azure Legacy. If the admin relationship is not removed, you as partner will receive the usual Azure CSP discount.