This guide will show you how to configure and find options on Microsoft Azure subscription for your customer.

As a pre-requisite for this guide you have already;

  • Ordered a subscription on Microsoft Azure (How to order Microsoft Azure for a customer)

  • You are logged in to the Customer control panel (How to log in as a customer)


  1. In the right top corner of your control panel. Select the dropdown menu and mark the Microsoft Azure Subscription.

2. Open the Microsoft Azure TAB that appeared.

3. In the General screen you can find your username and login button to The one time password is send to the e-mail address of the customer's admin contact.

4. In the lower half of the screen it will show you the usage once Microsoft updates us with costs made for the customer. These statistics are not in real time. There will be a 48 hour dela

5. In the Usage Report screen you can get more advanced information about usage and costs generated for the customer account. It also allows to generate a CSV file for a set date/period.

6. In the last Price List tab you can find the actual price parameters used by Microsoft. We also show a URL to the Microsoft Price calculator website to let you estimate customer pricing. Please note the billing model for Azure is "Usage Based" and can not be set to a fixed price.