This guide will describe the steps you need to complete to Order Microsoft Azure for your customer.

Please make sure the following prerequisite has been met:

Keep the following information in mind:

  • If you are creating a new Microsoft tenant a mail containing the username and an one-time password will be mailed to the email address of the staff member which was used to order the subscription.

  • If you are using an existing Microsoft tenant no mail will be sent with credentials



Go to Marketplace, choose 'Microsoft Cloud | Azure'


The next 3 pages read and click 'Next': 


Choose one of the 3 options and read the instructions. 




CCPV1 (discontinued)

  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel (How to log in as a customer)

  2. Click on 'Buy More Services'

  3. Select the 'Microsoft Cloud | Azure' service category to buy a service and click Next

  4. Select the 'Microsoft Azure' serviceplan and click Next

  5. Confirm the one month subscription period by clicking Next.

    When you can not continue because you get a blank / white screen: White / Blank screen when ordening Microsoft Azure


  1. Fill in the subdomain you want and check the availability. The name
    must be unique in the Microsoft Cloud. Press the check button to see if
    your name is available. It might take a minute for the "next" button to
    become active. Once it does please continue.
    Ordering Microsoft Azure CSP for an existing Azure tenant is only possible when your
    customer has an existing Office 365 subscription supplied by 2tCloud.

  2. Confirm the order and press Place order in the summary screen.

  3. You have ordered Microsoft Azure.

  4. Please wait while the service is being provisioned. Average setup time is 30 minutes.If the provisioning takes up more than 6 hours, please contact support to request a status update


  • How to get access to Microsoft Azure (CSP) after Ordering