This guide will let you know how to prepare your reseller account for selling of Microsoft azure and show you the options that become available to you as a reseller.

Please note; If you want to order Microsoft Azure Services please contact our support department and provide them the following information;

  • Your MPN ID (Microsoft Partner Network ID)

  • Selling currency (Euro is recommended). This can not be changed afterwards

  • Percentage that needs to be applied as a reseller markup. (9% is recommended)

The setup of your Azure selling capabilitys will be executed by 2tcloud support team.


Reseller Subscriptions

In your Reseller CP two new subscriptions will be activated. They are required to stay active as long als you are selling Microsoft Azure. The first subscription is called Azure CSP Reseller (used to configure your margin and MPN ID). The second subscription is called Azure CSP Customer Resources. (Used to setup your customer offering)

  1. Logon to your reseller control panel. Below menu item "Services" you will find a new option "Azure Reseller".

In the screen you arrived you can update / change your MPN ID, e-mail or sender name. You can also see an estimate of the cost that Azure will generate on the end of the month. Please not the "Total Cost of Azure Services" is not updated realtime. It has a delay of a few days.

In the second tab, you see the Price configuration for Azure. Your margin will be applied to the default price list set by Microsoft. You can also see the current prices applied by Microsoft.

In the last tab, you can find an overview of all your customers and the total cost of Azure Services counter. This counter is not live, and will run a few days behind actual usage.