2tCloud has offered multiple Webhosting solutions over the past 10 years. Webhosting Plesk is the latest iteration in Webhosting products launched in December 2018. Webhosting Plesk offers a feature-rich hosting solution with support for app installers and Let's Encrypt integration. Webhosting Plesk re-introduced a mail hosting feature for POP and IMAP only mailboxes.

The following web hosting products are still around withing the 2tcloud systems.

Next Generation Webhosting
A Linux/Apache only website hosting solution based on CloudLinux 6. Introduced in 2016 we provided a modern replacement for the Linux Shared hosting platform that was retired. Starting from September 2018 all NextGen Webhosting orders are delivered without mailbox hosting, but only provide Webhosting. Next-Gen was replaced by a new hosting platform, Web hosting Plesk at the beginning of 2019. NextGen web hosting is no longer for sale for new customers but we continue to support the product in the near future.

Webhosting Plesk
Webhosting Plesk is the latest iteration of hosting products supported in the 2tCloud Platform. Webhosting Plesk is available for Windows/IIS(Server 2016) and Linux/Apache(Centos 7) hosting. Plesk hosting also includes mail hosting features for basic POP/IMAP mailboxes. At this moment there is no automated migration process available from NextGen hosting to Plesk hosting. However, there are manual steps to be followed by exporting your current website data and reimporting them on the new hosting platform in case you want to migrate.