Sometimes a CMS requires specific PHP version to be set on your webhosting subscription. Next generation webhosting offers the ability to use multiple php versions.If you want to change the PHP version on Next generation webhosting follow these steps.
Options available;
- 5.2.17 (outdated)
- 5.3.29 (outdated)
- 5.4.16 (outdated)
- 5.4.45 (outdated)
- 5.5.38 (outdated)
- 5.6.40 (outdated)
- 7.0.33 (outdated)
- 7.1.33 (outdated)
- 7.2.34 (outdated)
- 7.3.28
- 7.4.20
- 8.0.7

1. From the customer control panel, open the websites tab.

2. Pick your website name that is linked to the webspace.

3. Open "Web Hosting Settings".

4. From the General tab you can see the PHP version currently loaded. Press the Edit button on the bottom to be able to change this value.

5. Once you set the correct version you can press Submit to save the configuration. It will be reconfigured within 30 seconds.


6. If you need to set specific PHP parameters you can use an .htacces file. Use an FTP client to browse to your webspace. In the httpdocs folder you will find a subfolder for every website created on your webspace. In the website folder you can create a file called .htaccess

7. After creating/updating the .htaccess file you need to sync the file with running apache webserver instance. You can do this by returning to the control panel, go back to "Web Hosting Settings". Here you can find a button to sync the configuration. Once you press this button Apache webserver instance will be restarted. The website will be unavailable for up to 2 minutes.

Now you have successfully configured the required PHP settings for your CMS.