This article will contain some of the most common issues and how to solve them. This article will be Work In Progress and more solutions will be posted when we have them.

When an external person calls to the Xelion environment the line gets disconnected straight away.

This issue can be caused because of 3 options not configured correctly from the callflow.

  1. Aansluiting. Most likely there are no devices configured in the callflow that is called. You can check this by seeing if there’s devices in the callflow. If no devices are in the list by default a Nachtstand or Keuzemenu has to be configured.

  2. Nachtstand. Check if the Nachtstand is set correctly. If you see the name Dagstand in Blue instead of white it means there is a glitch where it wants to forward the phonecall to a callflow with the same name. Usually there is no callflow with this name and will lead to a dead end. Take a screenshot of the current schedule and re-make it.

  3. Keuzemenu. Check if the Keuzemenu is set correctly. If the Keuzemenu is active then there must be at least 1 option configured. If there’s no options available the call will be disconnected straight away.

When an external person calls to the Xelion environment the line is connected to the wrong users.

This issue can be caused because the callflow is in the wrong status. Check the settings (Forwarding / Do not Disturb) in the Overzicht tab from the callflow that the external person is trying to call. Change the settings via the Gebruikersinstellingen tab.

When you are unable to make outbound calls but still are able to receive phone calls.

This issue is caused because the amount of concurrent calls has been reached. This could be because all channels are indeed in use or because some channels are stuck. To solve this you navigate to BeheerStatus and click Acties at the right top of your screen. Choose Reset channels and refresh the page.