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By default, the Billing API is not enabled. Therefore if you would like to use the API and benefit from enhanced invoicing automation, please activate the API first. Only the “Account Administrator” (your company’s first user created, is allowed to enable API permissions.

Get yourself access to the portal. After logging in with your Commerce Platform credentials, open the “Your APIs” tab in your profile settings. You can generate an API key from this page. Keep this API key safe! These credentials provide full access to your customer subscription and invoice data!

Once API credentials are obtained you must enter at least one IP address that will have access, without an IP whitelist entry, you are not allowed to access the Billing API, even if you use valid API credentials. You can add multiple IP address entries to the whitelist.

Within the “Your APIs” tab on your profile in the Support Center portal, you can choose the ‘Billing API’ menu option. After you have generated an API key you have access to the environment for which the API key was generated.

First, select your API key under the “Your Endpoints header and select the ‘API version’ you want to use.

After selecting the version and expanding one of the endpoints like GET /{version}/consolidatedinvoices, a UI is displayed as shown below.

The ‘Accept Header’ is normally set to “None (defaults to XML)” indicating that XML is the default format used. In this select box, you can choose “application/json” if you prefer the JSON output format.

There are also input fields for Start and End Dates. This filter limits the invoice data to only return invoices that are generated on or between these dates.

After you fill in these dates and click on the URL that will appear as a green link, the requested data is retrieved. Depending on the format you choose a file is downloaded to your local system.                                                                                      

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