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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Products and Services

With Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud, Acronis has integrated all its Cloud solutions into one unified solution. This solution includes a set of essential backup, security and management tools, as well as a comprehensive suite of advanced packages such as Advanced Backup, Advanced Security and Advanced Management.

Acronis portal

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in the Marketplace.

Copaco has put 3 services in the marketplace that basically include everything.

  1. Acronis Backup Trial Licence

  2. Acronis Backup per GB - Reservation Based model

  3. Acronis Microsoft 365 Back-up incl. Unlimited Storage

Een overzicht van alle Acronis diensten in de Copaco Marketplace

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Acronis Backup Trial Licence

The Trial License comes with all the features of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud (excluding DRaaS) and gives the Reseller 30 days to discover the power of Acronis.

The Trial license comes with 250GB of Acronis Hosted Storage and cannot be expanded.

Within 30 days you can choose to convert the plan to a paid Acronis deal. After 30 days this is no longer possible and the Trial account will be deleted.

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Acronis Backup per GB - Reservation Based model

Acronis Backup per GB includes all the features of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect (excluding DRaaS). The Reseller /End customer can choose Acronis Hosted Storage or Local Storage.

The checkout model is based on the number of GBs that have been ordered in advance. Once in the environment you can add VMs Servers, Computers and Microsoft365 environment. The minimum order is 10GB Hosted Storage.

Acronis Backup per GB - Reservation Based model comes with several Advanced services.

Advanced Backup

Advanced backup and recovery features

Continuous data protection 

Backup support for Microsoft SQL Server Clusters, Microsoft Exchange Clusters, Oracle DB, SAP HANA, MySQL, MariaDB

Data protection map and compliance reporting 

Off-host data processing

Advanced Security

Next-generation cybersecurity features

URL filtering

Exploit prevention

Enhanced signature-based detection

Anti-malware scans of data in the Acronis Cloud: Offload client endpoints to enable more aggressive scans and ensure malware-free backups

Forensic data in backups 

Smart protect plans

Automatic allowlisting

Safe recovery: AV definition updates and anti-malware scans as part of recovery process to prevent threat recurrence

Remote device wipe

Windows anti-malware management

Advanced Management

Advanced protection management pack for greater control

Automated patch management

Software inventory collection

Drive health monitor

Fail-safe patching

Report scheduling

Share remote connection

Advanced Email Security

Protect your clients’ easiest point of entry with advanced email security features

Anti-malware and anti-phishing protection

Impersonation protection

Attachment scanning

Content disarm and reconstruction,

Graph of trust, antispam protection, URL filtering

New in Acronis Cyber Protect is back-up for Teams,

Shared Seats and Google Workspace.

PAY ATTENTION!! The Per GB model is based on pre-reserved storage.

It is no longer possible to have PAy-As-You-Go or Overusage.

Acronis Portal

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Acronis Microsoft 365 Back-up incl. Unlimited Storage

The name says it all. Backup your complete Microsoft 365 seat for a fixed amount per month. E-Mail, OneDrive, Teams data (Channels, Complete Teams, Data and conversations), SharePoint and Shared Seats (Shared mailboxes such as info@…. or Sales@….).

Licence model Microsoft 365 Back-up incl. Unlimited Storage

PAY ATTENTION!! If you want to back up a SharePoint Site, each member of the relevant site must have an Acronis license. The same goes for Microsoft Teams

For example When a SharePoint site has 60 members and 59 of them have an Acronis license.
Then the backup of this site will fail and Acronis will give an error message

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Order Process

There are also a number of matters in the ordering process that require some explanation.

When you add Acronis to your shopping cart and click on it to pay, you will see the screen below. Here you can enter the number of GBs you want to order in advance for your new environment. As you can see, the number at Hosted Storage is already filled in at 10. You cannot lower this because this is the minimum quantity that must be ordered.

An overview of the ordering process

When you click Next, the following screen will appear. You don't have to do anything with this. This concerns a number of optional input fields that will be given a function later this year when migrating from the old environment to this new one.

Optional input fields

Finally, you will see the screen below. Here you can check the order and add a PO number.

Completing an order

After you press Buy, the order process will start and the order will be automatically placed with Acronis.

PAY ATTENTION!! The e-mail address used to place the order is the e-mail address of the customer that is in his or her account. If you, as a Reseller, placed an order on behalf of an end customer, it is important that you have access to this e-mail address. This is where the confirmation is sent and you are asked to accept the order.

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Acronis Knowledgebase

Documentation about Cyber Protection

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Migrating Legacy to Cyber Protect

As of March 2022, Acronis will introduce a tool that will make it possible to convert existing Legacy services to Acronis Cyber ​​Protect. Resellers will be notified as soon as this migration tool is available.

Pay Attention!! Migration is only possible from the current Legacy per GB plan

to the Acronis Cyber ​​Protect per GB plan. So it is not possible to switch from Legacy to the plan

for Microsoft 365 with Unlimited Storage.

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Roadmap 2022

A roadmap of all new Acronis services that Copaco will introduce in its Marketplace will be posted here later this year.

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DRaaS - Disaster Recovery

Acronis Hosted Storage - Acronis uses a Tier 1 Data Center in Frankfurt. This is where all data is stored.

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