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Acronis Incomplete Backups

Whenever a backup task fails, a incomplete backup could be created. This guide shows how to delete them.

We advise you to check for Incomplete backups after you have had any failed backup notification and on a regular basis. This "maintenance" will prevent you from using too much storage space.


  1. Log in to the Acronis Console.

  2. Open any device and click on the Recovery tab

  3. Within the sidebar that opens click on More ways to recover ...

  4. In the newest sidebar click Download Files

  5. A new tab will open. If login is required log in again with the same credentials as supplied on the first step, If you were logged in automaticly continue to the next step.

  6. Click the link Show Incomplete BackupsIn this overview you are also able to see the amount of storage that is used per machine. By clicking on the machine you are able to see which backup uses what amount of storage. In the case of File storage you are also able to restore single files.

  7. In the current page you are able to see all the incomplete backups. The easiest option is to Delete All
    incomplete backups, but this might force the next backup to upload all data again instead of continuing. If you wish to keep recent incomplete backups you can remove all others by removing them separately using the Remove button under the Cog in the selected line.




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