The Marketplace API is an optional component that is not available by default. In order to activate it, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Platform as a reseller. You need ordering privileges and access to the Marketplace feature.

  2. Open the Marketplace and locate the product page “Reseller Services -> Cloud Platform Add-Ons“

  3. Add the product “Marketplace API“ to your shopping cart and order the service.

  4. Once the order has been fulfilled, you will get a new menu in the reseller control panel. Open the Marketplace API menu item.

  5. You will find the API user account that has been created and configured for you. This account is dedicated for the use of the API gateway and will contain the name of the first account contact and will end in .API. This account needs to be activated with an e-mail link that we send to the first account admin. If this email is not available to activate the user account, you can also press the username link and activate it directly in the control panel.

  6. The API URL is also listed. Further referred to as the Base URL in this documentation.