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Add Clientless RDP connection to Apps management

This article describes how to add Clientless RDP Connections to Apps management

All prerequisites are required to be completed before this guide can be followed. The lowest number has to be done first and after that the following number going up.

  1. A Clientless RDP Gateway has been configured in the Workspace365 environment - Manage Clientless RDP Gateway

  2. You have configured at least one Clientless RDP Connection within the Clientless RDP section - Configure Clientless RDP Connections

How to Add Clientless RDP connection to Apps management

  1. Now that the gateway and connections are configured, we need to add the created connections to Apps Management. Go to the Apps management page.The link for this video can be found here.

  2. Click on “Add new app” in the action bar. And click “Clientless RDP”.

    The “App Settings” page will open. Here you can configure the app details. First, a checkbox to enable or disable the app. You can modify the tile color by choosing a custom color and choose a custom tile icon.

  3. From the gateway dropdown you can select the preferred gateway. By choosing a gateway, connected connections to this gateway will be loaded in the connection dropdown. At the connection field you can select the connection which want to select. Furthermore you can grant permissions to this app.

    Click “Done” when you are ready with configuring the app. The app is now added to the app management overview.

After these steps you can continue to Add Clientless RDP app to the dashboard.

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