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Allow your customers to use the UX1-Marketplace by themselves

This guide will show you how to modify the default end-customer permissions to allow them to use the UX1-Marketplace feature embedded in the control panel.

  1. Once logged in as a reseller in the modern interface, switch to the Classic panel (Operations)

  2. Go to System > Settings > Security > Roles > Customer roles

  3. Press the "Account Administrator" rol name and open the "Privileges" tab

  4. Edit the list of privileges by pressing the “Edit” button (scroll to bottom to see it)

  5. Enable the following privileges to allow your end customer to access the UX1 Marketplace by itself:

    1. Application UX1 Marketplace: Browse Catalog

    2. Application UX1 Marketplace: Place Order

  6. Don't forget to save your changes with the blue "Submit" button.

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