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Assigning phone numbers to trunk

Numbers need to be assigned to the trunk before they can be assigned to users or aansluitingen.

  1. Go to BeheerServer instellingen en trunks

  2. Click the trunk in the Trunks tab

  3. Navigate to the Toegekende bedrijfsnummers tab

  4. Use the dropdown menu next to Standaard callerid to specify the phone number that the users will use for outbound calls. Please note that this number only will be used if not specified otherwise in the users' interface

  5. Type the number(s) you wish to assign to the trunk under Toegekende bedrijfsnummers
    Note: Check the Gebruik als callerid checkbox if you wish to be able to use this number for outbound calls

  6. You can use the Voeg nummerblok toe and Verwijder nummerblok if you wish to add multiple numbers at once.

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