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Authorize or remove partner relationships

This article is for organizations who (don’t) want to allow Copaco to be able to administer their Customers Office 365 subscription for them.

Last reviewed: 10/07/2018.


With you, Copaco has been given delegated rights, so that you are able to administer CSP subscriptions via 2tCloud. Without this relationship you won’t be able to use the 2tCloud platform for your CSP business for the specific customer.

As an admin for Office 365, you can create or edit users, reset user passwords, manage user licenses, manage domains, and assign admin permissions to other users for your customers organization, among other things. When the Cloud Solution Provider and Admin rights are in place, Copaco can also log in to the Office 365 administrator portal. Normally we don’t use these rights if we don’t need to troubleshoot your customers licenses.

During purchase of CSP licenses via 2tCloud, Copaco has to be given Cloud Solution Provider and Admin rights. Outside provisioning, these rights may be deleted, as long as you keep in mind that Copaco won’t be able to support you or your customer when the relationship is broken.

In order to remove the delegated administrator rights do the following:
1. Navigate to with a global administrator
2. Go to Settings
3. Go to Partner Relationships
4. Select the partner you wish to remove the rights from

5. Click on Remove delegate admin

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