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Azure Billing (Azure New Commerce Experience)

1 The new Azure model (Azure NCE) has another billing procedure than the previous Azure model. Here Microsoft assumes that end customers have access to Azure Cost Management in the Azure portals for usage reports.

2 This means end-customers are able to see their usage reports with list pricing(only if you as partner give the end customer these Azure portal rights).

3 As Copaco, we invoice the partner the purchase price (with Azure Partner Earned Credit discounts). As partner you are able to set your customer margin

4 As Copaco Cloud partner, you can retrieve your monthly billing report via the Copaco Cloud portal. (This one is less extensive than in previous Azure model, therefore Microsoft refers to Azure Cost Management.)

In this report you will find the end customer price in colomn (GS) and your partner purchase price in column (GK). A maximum of 9% discount is possible between GS and GK (depending on your given settings in step 3).

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