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Change domain contact (Check de melding" Een pagina met deze naam bestaat al)

If the domain is linked to a non-working email address or you get an error like: 'Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender / Host or domain name not found /' you can follow this article.

We strongly advise you to try to get the non-working email address working again (temporarily).

If this is not possible, then various actions and proof will have to be provided to have this change implemented.


The owner of a .be domain cannot be change using this procedure. This have to be manually change at the registrar level and costs for this change are involved.

Change handler

  1. Create a new contact with the new email address

  • Log into the 2tCloud environment of the customer, switch to the old control panel (click on 'More Services':

  • In the pulldown at the top right, choose option: 'All domains'- Go to tab 'Account'- Click on 'Admins'- Click on 'Add New Admin' button- Create unique user name- Generate a password (you do not need it)- Enter address details- Enter the new email address- Click 'next', user is now created.


2. Change Domain Owner / admin / billing / tech contact with new contact person

  • Go to tab 'Registered Domains'

  • Click on the relevant domain

  • Click on 'Manage Contacts' button

  • Change the required contacts

IMPORTANT: If you change the OWNER, and the currently linked email address does not work, this procedure will not be completed because the confirmation email can not be delivered.

  • Click on 'Update Contacts'

In the next hour an email is send to the original and new owner, both have to approve this change.

Although the changes will be implemented in our systems within a few minutes, it may take up to a few hours before you can see these changes via Whois (after approval of original owner).

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