This guide will describe how to change the default settings of Microsoft Azure CSP notifications


  1. Log in to the 2tCloud Portal

  2. Within the Operations part of the control panel go to System --> Settings

  3. In the section System Notifications open Email Templates

  4. In the Search options enter Azure into the Name search field and press Search

  5. Each template will have to be edited seperately. We will use the Azure CSP Welcome Email Notification as an example. Click on Azure CSP Welcome Email Notification.

  6. Click on the Edit button of any of the available locales.
    We are not changing the content of the message, only the from field. The
    settings in the From field are valid for all locales.

  7. In the Message type section enter the preferred name and from addres in the following manner: "FROM_NAME" <FROM_ADDRESS>
    For example:
    "Copaco Cloud B.V." <>

    The defaults for this field are:
    "${vendor_company_name}" <${vendor_tech_email}>
    ${vendor_company_name} refers to your company name as know in the 2tCloud Platform ${vendor_tech_email} refers to your set Technical Contact email address (How to change the contact information)
    After changing the field to your preference click Submit

  8. You have now succesfully edited the From field in the Microsoft Azure CSP template you were editing. If you want to change the infomation in the other templates redo steps 5, 6 and 7.