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Changes to web hosting offers in 2022

The changes in the latest Cloud subscription modules, especially with Microsoft’s New Commerce introduction require technology changes in our Cloud Platform. In order to be able to move forward to the latest technology, we are forced to retire some legacy platform modules that are no longer maintained.

End of Sale

Copaco has retired new sales of web hosting offers based on the Webhosting Plesk and Webhosting NG platforms as of February 2022. We recommend users of these web hosting products look into alternative options. During the next couple of months, a cloud platform upgrade will remove legacy functionality that might impact your ability to manage Webhosting products for the self-service control panel. More details in our end-of-life policy

Migration options

With the retirement of Web hosting Plesk, we are no longer offering a SaaS-based web hosting solution. As a reseller, you can build your own web hosting platform based on Copaco VMware Cloud IaaS services. Copaco is also looking to attract a new Webhosting vendor to our Cloud Marketplace to extend our SaaS offering with new Webhosting products.

To offer our customers the best migration experience we are working with a new vendor to take on existing web hosting customers. Before the end-of-life date, we will migrate existing customers to a new web hosting offering. More details about the new web hosting plans and migration processes will be shared when available.

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