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Clientless RDP user credentials

How to setup and manage Clientless RDP in Workspace 365

All prerequisites are required before this guide can be followed. The lowest number has to be done first and after that the following number going up.

  1. A Clientless RDP Gateway has been configured in the Workspace365 environment - Manage Clientless RDP Gateway

  2. You have configured at least one Clientless RDP Connection within the Clientless RDP section - Configure Clientless RDP Connections

  3. You have added a Clientless RDP connection App to the Apps Management overview - Add Clientless RDP connection to Apps management

  4. You have added a Clientless RDP App to the Workspace 365 Dashboard - Add Clientless RDP app to the dashboard

How to setup and manage Clientless RDP in Workspace 365

  1. The first time a Clientless RDP app is opened, the user will be prompt to fill in their credentials. The credentials are the Credentials for the VM and/or Remote App. This can be a username (without domain) or UPN.The link for this video can be found here.

  2. To change the current credentials go to the options menu and “Settings”. Click “ RDP Credentials”. Fill in the new credentials and click “Done”.

You have configured a Clientless RDP connection. For some extra information check Usage of the Clientless RDP app.

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