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Configure Autotask connection

This article describes the steps for setting up a connection between Autotask and Copaco Cloud.


  • Staff member account for Copaco Cloud

  • Permissions to create an Autotask user


  1. Create an Autotask user within Autotask

  2. Set up Autotask PSA Integration

Create an Autotask user within Autotask

The Copaco Cloud reseller Marketplace communicates with Autotask through an API. The following API credentials, which are generated for a specific API user, are required:

  • Username (Key),

  • Password (Secret).

We recommend that you create a new API user for this integration. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Autotask control panel menu, go to Admin > Extensions & Integrations > Other Extensions & Tools > Integration Center.

  2. In the navigation menu for a required vendor, click Add API User.

  3. In the General section, fill out all fields marked as required.

  4. In the Credentials section, enter a Username (Key) and a Password (Secret). You can do this manually, or click Generate Key and Generate Secret.

  5. Select ‘Integration Vendor' in section ‘API Tracking Identifier’ and choose 'Ingram Micro Cloud’ as the Integration Vendor

  6. Click Save & Close.

Set up Autotask PSA Integration

  1. In Copaco Cloud on Reseller level click 'Integrations'

  2. Click 'Get PSA Integrations'

  3. Click 'Autotask PSA Integration'

  4. Click 'Install now'

  5. Fill in the ‘Username'(Key) and the ‘Secret’, select the desired settings and click 'Save

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