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Configure Cloudstore API


This article describes the steps required to be able to use the Cloudstore API. You must generate the required key/secret pair on a user whose credentials an external system will use to manage resources on the platform.

Save the consumer secret immediately, as it is visible only once. After you leave the screen, the consumer secret will not be visible anymore. If you do not see the APS Bus menu you do not have the proper privileges.


  • A staff member account with the roles ‘Staff member defaults' and 'Account administrator


  1. Go to ‘Classic Panel' > 'Users’ > click on the desired staff member (if you require access scoped to customer level, choose the staff member from the customer) > Click tab 'APS Bus Access

  2. On the ‘APS Bus Access’ tab, click ‘Create’ to generate the ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’

  3. In the ‘Allowed Operations’ section, add entries for a group of allowed custom operations exposed by an APS type. Each entry consists of two parts:

    1. The ID of the APS type that exposes the allowed operations.

    2. An HTTP method (the verb in operation declaration): either GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE

Note that it is important to add the following URLs to the ‘Allowed Operations’:

If you fail to do this, you will get permission denied errors when creating orders/users or querying data.

For working with the API you can check the following article Cloudstore API

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