The consolidatedinvoices endpoint retrieves your purchase invoices and attempts to match customer sales prices in the same element. This merged set of reseller costs and customer sales prices for a specified period are provided on a best-effort base. You should not rely on this endpoint for invoicing/accounting purposes.

The endpoint returns invoice data, grouped per invoice and specified per customer and subscription.

Example response in XML format.

The ConsolidatedInvoice XML has a Root element with the same name. It contains one <Invoices> element which is a collection of 1 or more <Invoice> elements . This <Invoice> consists of a <Header>, <Sender>,  <Receiver>, <Customers>  and <Totals> element. Typical for a consolidatedinvoice XML is that the <Totals> element consists of a <TotalPurchases> and <TotalSales> element.