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Correcting Microsoft reseller configuration

This document will explain how you can correct your reseller status with Copaco when you receive a notification informing you in the need of this.

📘 Instructions

Check what your correct CSP MPN ID is with Microsoft:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft partner portal Partner Center ( and open your profile

  2. Open the “Identifiers” tab in the menu

  3. Collect the CSP MPN ID, only the CSP ID is needed for Copaco.

  4. Have a Global Admin from your reseller tenant accept the following relationship invite to accept Copaco as your indirect provider

  5. If you get the error that you are not an indirect reseller please sign up to become one and accept the URL again
    Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn

  6. Provide Copaco the correct MPN ID & verrify that you have the correct reseller status and accepted our invite.

For questions, you can contact our support.

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