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Creating callflows

This article will describe how to create aansluitingen (callflows). You will find a detailed guide of the most used tabs in their respective article.

Creating a callflow

  1. Go to BeheerAansluitingen.

  2. Click Nieuwe Aansluiting.

  3. Type a name and click Ok.

  4. Use the dropdown menu next to Nummerweergave to select a number that will be used for outbound calls for this callflow.

  5. Optional: Fill in the amount of seconds in the Maximale wachttijd (sec) field to set a fallback for this callflow. If left empty the call will endlessly ring in this callflow

  6. Optional: Select an Aansluiting in the Standaard bij geen gehoor field to define a fallback in case noone is able to answer the phone.

  7. Use the dropdown menu under Numbers to set numbers where this callflow can be reached on. This can be multiple numbers. You can use short numbers for internal use.

  8. Use the dropdown menu (or type a name under Telefoontoestellen to add members to this callflow.
    Note: See: Aansluitingen - Wachtrij for more information about the line hunting policy

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