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Creating reports

This article will describe how to create reports to get an overview of the statistics from Xelion.

Create a report

  1. In the main menu go to Geautomatiseerde Rapporten

  2. Click Nieuw Automatisch Rapport

  3. Type a name and click Ok

  4. In the Algemeen tab select the rapporttype you wish to use. See Reports - Detailed information per report type for more information.

  5. Use the dropdown menu next to Rapport exporteer type to select the type of the file.

  6. Use the dropdown menu next to Rapport Planning and select the schedule for the reports. See Reports - Schedule reports for more information.

  7. Navigate to the Aansluitingen tab and select the callflows you wish to be included in the report.

  8. Navigate to the Toestellen tab and select the devices you wish to be included in the report.

  9. Navigate to the Gebruikers tab and select the users you wish to be included in the report.

  10. Navigate to the Filters tab and specify what calls should be included in the report.
    Richting (direction): Incoming / Outgoing / Incoming + Outgoing
    Intern/Extern: Intern / Extern / Intern En Extern
    Alleen beantwoord (only answered): Yes / No

  11. Navigate to the Voorbeeld tab and click on Maak voorbeeld and press the filename to see an example of the report with the settings selected in the previous steps.

Additional information

You can navigate to the Ad Hoc tab and select a date to create a real-time overview of the filters with a certain date. This will allow you to to create a report that will ignore the Rapport Planning schedule.

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