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Customers API

The 2tCloud API gateway is capable of providing you with your registered customers data in XML and JSON format. This feature is called 'Customers API'.


The Customers API enables you to retrieve customer data as registered in the 2tCloud Platform. This can come in handy when you have the need for extra data to match with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or with the Microsoft CSP program for instance MPN IDs.

The customer data is in structured XML or JSON format available, which can then be processed by your middle ware.

Please refer to the attached document "Working with 2tCloud APIs" for more technical depth on how to work with API keys and call the endpoints.

Working with 2tCloud APIs.pdf


In the XML customer response you can find general and additional customer information. The customer response gives back all your active and canceled. The active customer information, is also used by 2tCloud to print the customer invoice PDF via our Platform.

The structure of the XML is straightforward and easy to read. Some tags require additional information which is given in this article. You can find all elements on the specified location. The best way to start with the Customers API is to have the PDF invoice at hand. It also helps if you have access to the Platform to match the elements with the actual information in the Platform.

Empty elements

Empty XML elements do not have a closing tag. Instead they are self-closing.

<Element />


The GetCustomerResponse.Customer contains an extraction of information as set in the Control Panel in the Billing half of the Platform. You can find this information in:

Home > Operations > Customers > General


<AccountStatus> can contain the values Active / Inactive



<CountryId> can contain the following values (en / nl) which set the control panel and invoice language






and additional information in:

Home > Operations > Customers > Additional Information





















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