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Disable/enable auto-renewal in Classic panel (Workaround)

In this article we will describe the process of disabling/enabling subscription auto-renewal in the classic panel. This is a work around for an issue where you are unable to disable/enable the auto-renewal in the regular UX1 interface. You might receive error:

There is a chance this process might not work in Google Chrome. We advise to download Firefox to ensure the process is being executed correctly.

πŸ“˜ Instructions

  1. Login as a reseller to the

  2. Click on β€œClassic Panelβ€œ

  3. Click on β€œBillingβ€œ

  4. Click on β€œCustomersβ€œ

  5. Search for the correct customer using β€œDirect customerβ€œ or β€œAll customersβ€œ

  6. Typ in the Account name or ID and then Click on ”Search”

  7. Click on the customer

  8. Click on β€œSubscriptionsβ€œ

  9. Search for the desired subscription

  10. Click on the subscription

  11. Scroll down and click on β€œEditβ€œ

  12. Scroll down again and mark the radio button for the desired option (in this example t is set to 'Disabled' to disable the auto-renewal)

    If you want to enable auto-renewal you can choose the option 'Before expiration' and set the number of days before the expiration data that the renewal order should be placed.

  13. Click β€œSave changesβ€œ

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