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Disable Service Provisioned notifications

Using this guide you can disable the "Welcome" notifications that get sent out when a subscription has been provisioned.

  1. Log in to 2tCloud with your reseller account and switch to Classic Panel.

  2. Go to the Billing side of the 2tCloud Service Automation

  3. In the left hand menu go to ‘Settings' >’Notifications' > 'Notification Templates' and filter accordingly:

    1. Template name = 'Subscription mail notification'

    2. From address = '@@Vend_Account_AdminContact_Email@'

    3. Active = ‘Yes'

      (2) Select the template for the subscription you want to disable the notification for or select all
      (3) Click 'Deactivate

You have now removed the notification(s) for this subscription / these subscriptions

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