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Domain registration: Displays 'Registered elsewhere' while registered at 2tcloud


Sometimes DNS management for domains registered with 2tcloud is not possible due to the fact that the domain is not available under ‘Domains' and/or the domain shows the ‘Registration status’ as 'Registered elsewhere’.

This article shows a solution to this issue.


  1. Make sure the domain is listed under 'Domains'

    If the domain is not listed, click 'Add new Domain'

    1. Choose 'Add your domain'

    2. Fill in the requested information and select your domain subscription for DNS hosting

    3. When done, click 'Submit'

  2. Now the domain is available again but it’s possible it displays ‘Registered elsewhere' at 'Domain registration status’. In that case perform the steps below.

    1. On reseller level go to 'Classic panel'

    2. Go to 'Billing' (Operations should be shown in the upper right corner when in Billing)

    3. Go to 'Domains', search for the domain and click on the domain name or subscription ID

    4. Click 'Manage contacts'

    5. Click 'Update contacts'

This should’ve solved the issue and you should now be able to manage the DNS for the domain.

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