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F-Secure Known Issue: "A user with this email address already exists in OneID"

This knowledgebase article explains why orders for F-Secure are failing to provision.

Error description

If you place a change order for your active F-Secure customer, the order might fail with the message:

"A user with this email address already exists in OneID". 

or after resubmitting this order you get a different error:

"Error code 3510: Trying to create account, but account with name [name_#####] already exists."


Cause / failure reason

The issue is caused by change in behavior on the F-Secure portal side. In the past it would allow you to use the same e-mail address on multiple customer accounts. A recent change now disallows the re-use of the same e-mail address, or make changes to your active subscription before you use a unique e-mail address.


Workaround / Solution

To resolve the issue you will have to cancel the F-Secure subscription and order it again with the desired number of resources/licenses. Keep in mind that the license key will be renewed. Current installations of F-Secure will have to be renewed with the new license key.

Step 1 (of 3): Cancel failed F-secure order

  • Go in the reseller control panel to 'Customers'

  • Find the customer and click on the customer (do not click on 'Action' button)

  • Go to tab 'Orders'

  • Click on the order with status 'Provisioning Failed'

  • Double check this is a 'F-Secure' order

  • Click on button 'Cancel order


Step 2 (of 3): Change email address

  • Go to control panel of the Customer

  • Go to tab 'Account'

  • Click on 'Admins'

  • Click user with lowest ID (is first created admin)

  • Click on button 'Edit'

  • Change the email address to something unique. This email address wil be used at F-secure.

  • Click on button 'Save'


Step 3 (of 3): Submit new F-secure order

  •  Now you can create a new F-secure Order (How to order F-secure)

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