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How to activate Sales categories (Missing subscriptions)


During some processes executed in the back end, e.g. adding new service plans, it may happen that some sales categories are disabled unintentionally. This guide will provide the steps in how you can reactivate these sales categories.

Note: Some sales categories are put in a disabled state due to the fact that all service plans in this category have entered a End of Life status. Enabling the sales category will not make the plans available again. During the ordering process the sales category will be shown again, but no service plans will be available.


  1. Go to 'Classic panel'

  2. Go to 'Billing'

  3. Go the the Service Plans overview

  4. Go to the Sales Categories tab

  5. Open the Sales Category that is missing. For example Microsoft Cloud | Office 365 Enterprise

  6. If the option in the line Display Category in Customer Control Panel is set to No you can enable this again by clicking the Edit button

  7. Check the box in the line for Display Category in Customer Control Panel and click Save. After checking the checkbox extra settings will appear, these remain unchanged

  8. Repeat this for other categories if more categories are missing.


The category you enabled will now be available again in the order process in the Customer Control Panel.

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