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How to add Backup Applications


When you backup Sharepoint or Onedrive data Microsoft might throttle the connections from Veeam Backup for M365 to Microsoft tenant for the specific application. If this is the case you see interuptions in your backup job for Sharepoint or Onedrive.

You can solve this to add more (usually 8 ) backup applications to your Microsoft tenant. This article describes how you can do this.


  1. login to our Veeam for O365 Service Portal with reseller credentials

  2. When logged in click on “Tenants”

  3. Look for the tenant for which you want to add backup applications and click on the “lines” button under “ Actions”

  4. In the “Backup applications manager” click “Create”

  5. In the “create application” wizard select the present certificate, give the application a name and enter the amount of applications that you want to create. Click “next”

  6. Now copy the displayed url and paste it in a new browser window.

  7. Now you need to copy the code that is displayed in our potal and click “Next”

  8. Enter the username of a global admin within the tenant and click “Next”

  9. Enter the password and click “Sign in”

  10. On the next screen click “Continue”

  11. Now the connection is made and you can close the authentication window

  12. Now go back to the wizard in our portal and click “Finish” and wait till the applications are created

  13. Now back in the “Backup applications manager” click “Add” to add the newly created applications

  14. Select the applications and click “Add”

  15. Back on the “Backup application manager” click “Save & Close”

  16. The backup applications are added to the tenant

  17. Now wait till the next backup run or restart it.

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