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How to add customer payment / Auto Payment Customer


This article explains why you can get the message 'Account is put on hold' when viewing your customer in 2tcloud and how to remove this message.

In UX1 you could see a message: ‘Account is put on hold'. Unfortunately this is a known bug. To get the actual Customer Status, go to the 'Customers' list. In the column 'Account Status' you’ll find the active status. 


Disable the invoice

In the case you do not want to have the customer this invoice, change the email address to your own email address How to change the Billing contact's email address  

Create Payment Document automatically

When you mark payment method 'By Invoice' as 'Mark as Default' then Payment Document will be created automatically in the future. These Payment documents can only be manualy released. 

Step 1:

  • Go to the customer (Billing)

  • Go to tab 'Payment Methods'

  • Select payment system 'By Invoice'

  • Click button 'Mark as Default'

    • 'Auto Payment' should now be: ON'

    • In the future the Payment Document will be created automatically.

Step 2:

  • Click tab 'Documents'

  • Click on button 'Add New Payment

  • Click on the magnifying glass, select 'By Invoice'

  • Click 'Next >>' 

  • Select all 'Unprocessed Orders'

  • Click 'Next >>' 


  • Click on button 'Finish' 

Step 3:

  • Click on the new created Payment

  • Click on button 'Release'

From now on the Payment document will be created automatically so you only have to manually release this Payment document the next time.


This results in no red invoice alerts:



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