The Cloud Commerce Portal allows you to create your own sales categories that you can provide to your customers. This article describes how you can manage this.

If you add your own sales catagories to customers Marketplace you need to disable the Vendor Catalog synchronisation. This means that when there are new plans or prices available they do not appear automatically in your customers marketplace anymore! You need to add them manually by importing the catalog, see step 10 till step 13


  • You will need access to the Cloud Commerce Reseller Control Panel with administrative permissions.


  1. Login as Reseller and login to classic panel. Click on “Classic panel” on top menu

  2. In the Classic panel click on “billing” on top menu

  3. in Billing go to “Service Plans”

  4. In Service Plans go to “Sales Categories” and click “add Sales Category”

  5. Give your Sales Category a name and description make sure that “Display Category in Customer Control panel is enabled. Click Save

  6. Click on the newly created Sales Category and go to “Service plans” and click “add service plan” to add the service plans that you want to place in the sales category

  7. In the example below we are going to add an Office365 service plan. Select the desired plan and click “Add plan(s) To Category”

  8. The plan is successfully added to the Category

  9. Now go back to the UX1 Reseller interface and click on “Sales channels”

  1. Notice the message on the top “you are using vendor catalog for your end customers.” This means that you are using the catalog that we have defined for you. So if there are price changes or new products available they we be automatically added to end customers marketplace as described earlier you need to stop this synchronisation to add your own category. This means that you need to Import the catelog manually when there are new plans or price changes.

11. You need to stop the vendor catalog synchronization. click on “configure”

12. Select “Build the new content” and click apply

13. Now you need to import the catalog. Go to “Sales Channels” → “Home Page” and click “Import Catalog”

14. When the Import is complete the newly created Sales Category is available for your end customers.