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How to assign and release licenses from users


You can assign or unassing licenses in the 2tcloud portal.

Here you have options to assing/unassign licenses in bulk or the option to reassign (unassign and assign in one go) a license.

This article descibes how to do this.


  1. Navigate to the Customer Control Panel

  2. Click on Office 365 in the menu

  3. Select one or more users to assign licenses to

  4. There are multiple options to assign a license to users:

    • Option 1: Click on 'Reassign User Licenses' for assigning or unassigning licenses to multiple users

    • Option 2: Click on 'Actions' > 'Reassign Licenses' on the user to reassign licenses to that specific user

    • Option 3: Click on 'Actions' > 'Assign Service' to assign a license (this option will only be available when an Office365 service is not yet assigned to the user - You will have an additional step to activate the user after assigning the license (see step 8) )

  5. When assigning or unassigning licenses to or from multiple users (using Option 1), you will be presented with the following screen where you can choose the desired option

  6. On the next screen you can specify the license(s) to assign to the user(s)

    Please note: When insufficient licenses are available, the license will be ordered in this process

  7. If new licenses need to be ordered, you will have to confirm the order

  8. When assigning a license to a user that is assigned the Office service for the first time, you will have to activate the user to create the user in Office 365 and let the license be assigned and provisioned

  9. Fill in or generate a password for the user in the activation process.

    The license will now be assigned and the user will be created in the Microsoft tenant.


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