1. How to order
2. Server preparations
3. Request Support


Step How to order

 Go to Customer CP

Click on 'Account'

Click on 'Subscriptions'

Click on the subscription 'Copaco Hyper-V Cloud'

Click on button 'Change Resource Limits'

Change the total amount of the RDS SAL licentes:


Step 2 Server preparations

  1. Login your server and install 'Remote Desktop Licensing Manager' (Add Roles and Features)

  2. Goto 'Remote Desktop Licensing Manager'.  Make sure there is no error. 'Not Activated' -> Then please activate


Step 3 Request Support

  1. Request 2tCloud Support (https://2tcloud.supportcenter.services/ ) Contact us by e-mail (support@2tcloud.com) for adding the new licenses to your server. Please send also information below:

    Username:        (advice is to create a temporary 2tCloud account)

    Serveraddress or IP:
    How many licenses must be installed: