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How to cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft 365 subscriptions can only be cancelled/modified the first 7 days of the new subscription period


In case you dont need a Microsoft 365 subscription anymore you can cancel it. This article describes how you can do this.


  • Make sure you can login to our Copaco Cloud Portal

  • Make sure the customer has a Microsoft 365 subscription

Getting Started

Scenario 1

  1. When logged in to our Copaco Cloud Portal click on “Select Organisation” in right top corner.

  2. Click on the customer name for which you want to cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription.

  3. In the top menu select “subscriptions”.

  4. Click on the subscription that you want to cancel. In this example we are going to Cancel the “Exchange Online (plan 1)” subscription. Click on the subscription name.

  5. Click on “Edit”.

  6. Now you can choose when you want to make the change. We are going to choose for “now” Select “Now” and click “Continue”.

  7. Now click on “Cancel”.

  8. On the “confirmation” page click “Confirm”

  9. Your cancelation order has been placed. You can go back or view the order.

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