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How to cancel NCE M365 subscriptions


The Cloud Platform has revised the cancellation policy in the NCE model to match changes that Microsoft introduced on January 10, 2022.

Cancellation Process

  1. Cancellations are allowed within 72 hours of a successful subscription provision. The Microsoft timestamp to begin the 72 period is the moment when Microsoft marks a new Subscription as Active. This timestamp is available to Partners in their Cloud management platform.

  2. To cancel a subscription, hover over the ellipsis [...] next to the Cancel button. If the subscription is within the allowable window, you will be able to click Cancel Subscription.

  3. Cancellations are not allowed after 72 hours of a successful subscription provision.

    This example shows the rejection mode where Microsoft will decline to execute the cancellation request. The cloud platform will automatically detect this condition and display the error message indicated.

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