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How to change default prices of services for customers on the service plan level


This article describes how to change default prices in our Copaco Cloud Commerce Portal

What is difference between Service Plan / Resource / Subscription?

To correctly understand how the 2tCloud billing system works you need to understand the relationship between service plan, resources and subscriptions.

A Service Plan is a blueprint of the service offering. It determents the price you pay for the service, and the minimum amount of resources that will be delivered to the customer. It also holds the configuration on which resources can be upgraded and how much additional resources will cost. This is called a Resource Rate.

A Resource refers to a single building block of a service like a License, CPU Core or 100GB Storage block.

Once a customer orders a service plan, a copy of the current service plan in created for the customer. This becomes an active Subscription for the customer.



If there is a price change on the Copaco level because of changes by Microsoft or others this would result in a price sync, this will set the price on the resellers back to default prices.
We do our best to keep this to a minimum.


In this guide we will change prices for a service plan and associated Resource Rates.

  1. First login to our Copaco Cloud Commerce Platform and go to 'Classic Panel'. Click on button:

  2. Next step is to switch to the billing part on the top right corner of your screen. Click on 'Billing':

  3. Open the “Service Plans” in the left menu:

  4. Search for the service name in the field “Name” to find the appropriate service. (In our Example we will change prices for “Exchange Online Plan 1”)

  5. Now click on the name of the service plan we want to edit.

    1. Classic Microsoft subscriptions
      A service plan can be offered for different periods that each have its own price.
      To Configure the price for the basic service: 
      - go the tab “Subscription Periods”  
      - click on the Subscription Period name

    2. Microsoft NCE subscriptions
      - Go to tab 'Resource Rates'
      - Click the resource rate name

      - Click tab ‘Resource rate periods'
      - Click on the ‘Duration’/’Unit'

  6. Scroll down on the page and press the Edit button

    Now you can set the new price for this service within the “Recurring Fee” field:

    Repeat this step for all other periods the service/resource can be ordered.

    In case of NCE subscriptions, you are now done with the steps and can continue to the section “How to synchronize an active subscription with a new updated service plan?“ further down in this article.

    The rest of the steps below are for the classic subscriptions.

  7. Most service plans only include a low amount of resources. More resources can be bought additionally
    In order to update prices for additional items we need to Modify “Resources Rate” prices.
    - go back to the service plan overview:

    - open the Resource rates Tab

    The resource(s) which have the “Included amount” of more than 0 you get by default when the customer subscribes to the service plan. The other items are optional and are billed when ordered additionally.

  8. You can modify Resource Rate prices by selecting all checkboxes and press the “Mass Edit” button.

  9. Now update the Recurring Fee and optionally the Over usage Fee.

    The Recurring fee is used when you buy resource before using them.
    The Over usage fee is charged to a customer when he uses more of a subscription than bought beforehand. It depends on the external service if hard or soft quota are set on a subscription.

  10. To save you changes, make sure you first select all updated Resource Rate line items, and then press the Save Changes button.

How to synchronize an active subscription with a new updated service plan?

If you followed above steps, new orders on the service plan will show the new prices. But what if you already have active customer subscriptions with the old prices? Like we have learned in this introduction, a copy is made of the service plan when your order it for a customer. This copy will keep the old price until it is synchronized with the active Service Plan, or your subscription is renewed for a new term.

To synchronize an active subscription with the new updated service plan you need to do follow the next few steps.

  1. Still in the reseller’s billing control panel:
    - go back to the Service plans in the left menu
    - select the Service plan we edited
    - On the General screen you will find a button called “Update Subscriptions”:

  2. By default the changes will be applied to All Subscription of this type. You can however filter on once specific subscription. 

    - Below Subscription sync options select only the “Update Subscription Prices” checkbox.
    - In our example we also changed the Resource prices. Below Resource sync options we also select the “Update Prices” option.
    - In the “Install into provisioning system” select the option "Immediately" from the pull down menu.
    - Now press the Update Subscription button.

Within a few minutes all prices are updated for the subscriptions based on this service plan. However you might still see one invoice for the old price, as the renewal date for this month might have been already passed for some of your customers.
The next month’s renewal will show the new updated price.

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