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How to change the name servers

  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel.

  2. Within the Domains group, click on Registered Domains.

  3. Click on the domain you wish to change the name servers of.

  4. Within Name Servers click Manage Nameserver.

  5. Change the information to the new information and click on Update Name Server.

  6. The name server update will now start in our backend. Please allow some time for this to complete.

  7. Go back to the home screen of the Customer Control Panel.

  8. Within the Domains group, click on Hosted Domains.

  9. Click on the domain of which you changed the name servers.

  10. Go to the tab DNS.

  11. Click on Change DNS Hosting to External.

  12. Click on Finish

  13. You have changed your DNS hosting to the nameservers you supplied earlier.

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