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How to change your Workspace 365 Password

When you have access to your Workspace365 environment

  1. Go to your Workspace 365 loginpage and log in with your credentials.

  2. Go to settings.

  3. Go to Change Password.

  4. Enter your current password and enter your new password twice. Choose whether you want only to change your Workspace365 account password or your Office365 password as well. Note that you will have to change your Office365 password yourself if you choose for “No, I’ve already done this myself.”Click Done  when you have entered all necessary information.

  5. You have changed your password.

When you only need to reset your password for Workspace365 for a user that is unable to log in

  • When you also have an Office subscription for the customer in 2tcloud you can reset the Office password for the user using the steps in Reset Office 365 user password

  • When the customer does not have an active Office 365 subscription in 2tcloud, then you will need to log into the Microsoft tenant of the customer as a user with rights to reset user passwords and reset the password for the user in the tenant

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